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What We do

These are brief notes of what we do

Image Rwanda Space Hub

It is more important than Ever,that Visual Artists find a sense of a place and belonging.By Offering a safe Coworking spaces,Creative Clusters and maker spaces that brings people from creative & Cultural industries together.With this Hub Members gain their Visual Arts Experimentation,Artistic Expression,peer to peer Learning and Incubation Ideas that facilitate the transfer of knowledge and the cross pollination of different sectors and areas of expertise.


The more we use our brain,the more it develops. With Equipments, Logistics and Authorisation Support covered,Image Rwanda provide assignments with it’s partnering Institutions to boost the practical experiences and skills of The member.

Legal Assistance, Permits & Authorisations

Image Rwanda in Partnership with Public & Private Regulatory Bodies i.e Authorities,Commissions,Agencies,Courts,Boards,Bureau,.. seek and provide access permits and passes and recommendation documents for the next Creative Project of it’s members.

Contests & Exhibitions

The member will have the opportunity to participate in various frequently exhibitions and art contests organized by Image Rwanda,and it’s of Duties of Image Rwanda to search for both Local and International contests & Exhibitions for the Members to participate and Benchmark their work with those of other Photographers Internationally.


Contracting & Paperwork assistance & review

The member is entitled to both legal and technical assistance in terms of conception, design and presentation of contracts to their clients or partners. This applies as well to other technical paperwork that The member might be required with.

Studio & Equipments access

The member has access to Various number of Image Rwanda premises on a 50% off use, upon request beforehand. These include Image Rwanda studio and its high quality equipments.


We give opportunities to our members in boosting skills, networking, career advice and field related news in attending different hands-on training organized by Image Rwanda regularly or in Collaboration with Other Workshops Organizers across the globe.

Media Licensing

* Our Goal is to bring to light a certain cause or injustice with the hope that our film will help galvanize the masses to demand change and delight audience. * We protect the creator of the Original Works which are creative expressions from others using and profiting their work without Permission,and the help the Customer on the rights of images that they have been licensed. * Owning rights on Hundreds of Thousands of Images,Videos,Illustrations and Sounds, Image Rwanda make rights available to Customers for Royalty-free and Right Managed Contents.

Remarkable Stock Photos

Capturing the Visual gems of Rwanda’s extra ordinary biodiversity,wilderness
historic landmarks and cultural Diversity in the land of a Thousand Hills.

Impactive Documentaries

With our Documentaries, Our Goal is to bring to light a certain cause,Advocacy or injustice with the hope that our film will help galvanize the masses to demand change and delight audience.

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